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[IJCAI 2022] AggPose: Deep Aggregation Vision Transformer for Infant Pose Estimation


Movement and pose assessment of newborns lets trained pediatricians predict neurodevelopmental disorders, allowing...

[ICASSP 2023] ViTASD: Robust Vision Transformer Baselines for Autism Spectrum Disorder Facial Diagnosis


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder with very high prevalence around the world....

[UAI 2023] Mitigating Transformer Overconfidence via Lipschitz Regularization


Though Transformers have achieved promising results in many computer vision tasks, they tend to be over-confident in...

[WACV 2024] A Survey on Multimodal Large Language Models for Autonomous Driving


With the emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Vision Foundation Models (VFMs), multimodal AI systems...


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